Aidi Cl*t Sits

"From a spiritual perspective, I knew something was wrong and couldn’t put a finger on it until … I put a finger on it."

Clit Sit, a healing meditative practice I developed, allows vulva owners a connection with themselves that combines the science and restorative powers of meditation with the autonomy of connecting with your full sexual energy. The clitoris is a chakra, and it is healing, and I teach people to use it not to engage in sexual activity with someone else, but to heal and empower themselves.

When we are not living our sexual truth our voices become hindered, and our ability to show up and speak up for ourselves can be handicapped. Clit Sit is about getting comfortable with the pleasure sensor of your body. It’s about learning how to start, overcoming stigma, and prioritizing pleasure. It’s a form of adult sex education, entertainment, and how we shift sexual repression. I teach my clients (he/his/she/her/they/them) this solo micro-meditational tool that can be used anywhere. It is one of the most important self – empowering tools I’ve ever used in my life. 

Once I embraced the healing and restorative gifts of Clit Sitting, I started seeing changes in my mental and physical state. I began introducing it to clients, who also saw remarkable improvement in their mental state, and little by little, their physical state improved as well. Often my clients have noticed something missing from their lives; adding a connection with yourself that also addresses sexual energy is like adding Creatine to a protein shake. 

Healing Cl*t Sit by Aidi Kansas Hands of a Spiritual Healer