Aidi Cleanses

"When I started using Agua de P*ta, magical things started happening in my life."

The use of ritual is one of our greatest ways for healing capacity. I created Agua de Puta to clean your whoreaura. A combination of jasmine, vetiver, and other healing elixirs, this #heauxlywater is used for spellwork, manifesting, and setting intentions.

Using the word Puta is for me part shock value, but as an artist I want to see what happens when I take an insulting term and give it power. When bad bitches see this, they know the message.

And the message is: this is what we’re going to use to get the day started. To start fresh and wash away and forgive ourselves and what people have done to us, all the ways that the heteropatriarchy has silenced us censored us, disempowered us—sexually especially—can now be channeled with this douse of #heauxlywater.