Aidi Arts

"I have to make art or my healing practice suffers, that’s how I find balance."

I’ve been a painter since I was 4 years old, and have shown my work in galleries all over the country and I have collectors all over the world. But I found the at-large art world to be insular and difficult for women to break into a largely male-dominated space. So I left that world and started making Pussy Paintings and it’s one of the reasons why my work has become so political.
The healing work I do is very heavy so now I make art to decompress, and move away from the tragedy that comes with being a death healer. It’s another vehicle to express awareness of gender norms, sexual oppression, it’s another way for me to push forward with pussy. Pussy is how I move through the world, how I pay the bills, how I keep my peace. The herteropatriarchy hypersexualized me, so now I’ve flipped the script.