About Aidi

"Bruja, Mother, Sexual Healer, Artist, Death/End of Life Doula, Costa Rican, Honduran, New Orleans Native. I’m all of those things, but I’m also part of a creation that was fueled by my determination to heal from the hetereopatriarchy."

I got married when I was 25 years old. I had two children shortly after. And because we live in a hypersexual society filled with gender norms that I was expected to adhere to, I was also expected to censor my messages about sexual empowerment. It made being a healer difficult. It also made me sick. For so long I was suffering from chronic pain. Something had to give. So I found the courage to leave a 21-year marriage, to walk away from everything, to get healthy again, to find homeostasis.

And that is what I work on with my clients. I’m a psychic medium who’s been practicing healing and guidance for a decade and it has allowed me to give my clients the gift of meditative healing, the harnessing of their own sexual empowerment, the processing of their grief, or their end-of-life moments. Aidi Heals is a space that acknowledges everyone has pain, & unapologetically offers paths to healing.

Aidi Kansas - New Orleans Artist

What Aidi Can Do For You

Death/End of Life Doula – My end of life services are unique in that I service in addition to dying humans – I work with pets and folx needing care after an Abortion. As a death/end of life doula, my services can be utilized at all stages of the death and dying process. I’ve been working with the sad, sick, and dying since 2012. After my Mother passed away, I saw the need for it. I am a part of the death positive movement. Most people don’t realize it, but the end of life care team consists of many different professionals ranging from social workers, doctors, nurses, hospice workers, etc. As an End of Life Doula, my job is to foster the best environment to facilitate what we call a “good death”. My work ranges from logistical planning for the time before, during, and after death, assisting in conducting rituals, and bringing in my own comforting practices that I’ve collected over the years to decrease anxiety surrounding death. Unlike a hospice worker who’s regulated by Medicare and rules limiting the time spent with patients and families, my role allows for care throughout the dying transition – even respite. 

Sexual HealingDid you know the way you view your sexuality can hinder your ability to succeed in the world, especially if you’re a WOC? Did you know that sexual energy can be ignited to produce more than a baby?  Schedule a session and learn all the ways to become a sexually empowered bad ass who wants to be a force in this world.  The only way to dismantle sexual oppression is to be courageous enough to speak about it, but to speak about it requires that you heal your sexuality. We all have to do it. The path to vocal empowerment begins with sexual confidence. When you are secure in your sexuality and honor what you feel, an alignment with your soul takes place. However, it’s not so easy to get there. This is where I come in. Sessions look like a regular talk therapy session, with the integration of healing modalities like meditation, herbs, and energy cleansing exercises. Sessions are $150/hr and I work world wide.

Empowering Art – It’s not enough to work as a sexual healer and activist on a small scale in New Orleans for me any longer. This is where my empowering Art comes in. Whether it’s a vaginal landscape or a painted dental impression with a gold leaf grill and Swarovski crystals, that spells out Pussy or Abortion – I’m gonna make you look. And if I’m lucky, I might make you scream OMFG … that’s mine!!!! Art matters when it comes to history, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have the gift of making the kind of Art that makes people scream. It makes people feel emotion. Whether they hate it or love I don’t really know, but there’s always a scream or gasp at the minimum. I know this talent/charisma/boldness should not be taken for granted, so that’s why I create Art.